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Theatre Directing


12 months, Blended | IUGTE with NIPAI

The Theatre Certificate Program provides hands-on training in acting, movement, performance, and directing, allowing participants to become skilled in roles such as performer trainer, coach, choreographer, theatre practitioner, and movement director. The program is split into two semesters, with students receiving more than 500 hours of practical training and experience.

The Program covers the exhaustive list of directing skills and knowledge necessary to make your own performances and shows. Theatre Directing classes are not theoretical explorations; they are practical workshops designed to put students in the director’s chair as quickly as possible. You will learn how to work with key collaborators such as actors, writers and designers.

The curriculum includes:

Classical approach to directing

Physical theatre

Rehearsal techniques

Ensemble building



…and much more!

Directing job by numbers:

Our students are theatre practitioners who wish to improve their directing skills, gain hands-on experience, develop practical knowledge, and find new approaches for effective communication with the crew.

The Program includes:


Professional growth

First hand experience

Emphasis on practical learning

Up-to-date knowledge

Individual approach

Unique method

Our teachers are accomplished and working professionals who come from unique backgrounds and experiences. They are directors, scenographers, stage designers and choreographers who have worked on dozens of international theatre projects. They all dedicated many years to the exploration of performing arts, and have become true professional experts in the field.

The core of every program​ at NIPAI is learning by doing!

What does it mean?

In the last semester of the program, every student of the Theatre Directing Diploma Course does their own Study Project – Graduation Performance which shall be produced in a theatre organization or with a theatre group. You will work with actors and the crew on a real project!



Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive NIPAI Certificate of Completion.

We are proud of our students from all around the world!

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Heather Ostberg Johnson, USA

Albert, Sergei, NIPAI team! Yay, I did it. Thank you so much! Thank you for your guidance through every step and the fabulous curriculum you created. I had a great experience and was so grateful to have found your program. I will look forward to the next NIPAI workshop/course I can take. Until then, cheers, thank you, and be well!

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