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13th century refurbished castle

Schloss Laubegg, a magnificent 13th century fortress, has withstood the tumultuous tides of European history, rising from the ashes time and again. Its walls now stand tall, surrounded by enchanting gardens of olden sculptures, deers and forest, inviting visitors to pause and ponder. Today, the castle serves as a beacon of knowledge and learning, a center for education and training. Place in the tranquil southern region of Graz, in the heart of Styria, Austria's verdant haven, where vines unfurl and wine flows like a river, Schloss Laubegg is a true gem.


The castle Laubegg is visible from afar on a ridge of the Leibniz field. It is located only 30 minute drive from Graz, 2.5h from Vienna and only 20 minutes from the border with Slovenia! See location on the map.


NIPAI helps participants with organizing accommodation and meals at Laubegg Guest House. All rooms offer two separate beds (with possible single occupancy, of course), private bathroom, towels and TV. There is free WiFi Internet connection available.


Everything is organised on the same territory: creative space and full board accommodation, so that participants can concentrate on creation and communication without any distractions of the routine necessities.

Laubegg Tavern offers rustic Austrian cuisine in the best traditions of Styria region and use locally produced products. The meals are for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Whenever possible the tavern accommodates special dietary needs (allergies or food intolerance).


Laubegg Castle is happy to welcome international guests with attention of the friendly staff and the highest standard of services!



Prices for accommodation include three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Shared room: 78 EUR per person / per day 

Single room: 89 EUR per person / per day​

Please note that all prices are regulated by Laubegg administration.

The organisers will notify participants in case of any changes. IUGTE is preparing the group accommodation list in advance. Guests should make the payment IN CASH directly to the program coordinator upon arrival.


Laubegg 1, 8413 Laubegg, Austria

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