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The Director and Ensemble Building


3 Months, Distance education (IUGTE with NIPAI)

Investigate the relationship between the theatre director and the performers in order to build a friendly environment and creative atmosphere in rehearsals. 

In this course, students will be able to explore the role of physical training for the ensemble building process, techniques to work with actors in a playful manner, and the strategies to build up a particular atmosphere, cohesion and dynamics within the group.

The course includes:

Acting Techniques

Improvisation and Spontaneity

Director’s Communication Skills

Actor’s training based on Ancient Traditions

There is a high demand for professional theatre directors who would be able to build an ensemble with unfamiliar performers considering the short amount of time for rehearsals. The course offers special techniques for building a friendly environment and inspiring the crew for their best results while being a responsible leader for them.

Students will be introduced to:

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V. Meyerhold's


M. Chekhov's

“Psychological Gesture“

K. Stanislavsky's

“Physical Action“

Program details:

Level: Professional

Program Duration: 3 months

Program Format: Distance education

Language: English

Certificate: Available

Each week, students receive distant tasks, assignments, cases for self-studies which gradually lead them to an understanding of the topic and the ability to apply knowledge to the real-life projects.

Objectives of the course:

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Explore the role of physical training for performers;

Investigate various actors training techniques;

Get insight into improvisation aspects in the training;

Learn how to develop creative environment and foster ensemble building process;

Learn how to lead actors through the creative process and unfold their artistic nature.

Owing to impressive learning flexibility, this program will be convenient for ambitious professionals who are constantly on the move or are looking to balance work and study to apply their skills in real-time.

The core of every program​ at NIPAI is learning by doing! Thus, at the distance course, our students will gain knowledge through practical tasks for directors that bring better understanding and technical skills in the basics of composition, stage plans, storyboarding, scale models atmosphere creation through the use of a particular design concept.

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion. 

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Professional growth

Up-to-date knowledge

First hand experience

Individual approach

Emphasis on practical learning

Unique method

We are proud of our students from all around the world!

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Heather Ostberg Johnson, USA

Albert, Sergei, NIPAI team! Yay, I did it. Thank you so much! Thank you for your guidance through every step and the fabulous curriculum you created. I had a great experience and was so grateful to have found your program. I will look forward to the next NIPAI workshop/course I can take. Until then, cheers, thank you, and be well!

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